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Vision: Setting a vibrant and resilient economy for Tuvalu
Mission: To produce sound economic policies, explore more earning sources, warrant efficient allocation and accountability for public resources so as to achieve the most swift and viable development and economic growth

Tuvalu National COVID-19 Economic and Financial Relief Package

Tuvalu National COVID-19 Economic and Financial Relief Package provides comprehensive economic and financial relief measures in response to the COVID-19.

The aim of this document is to mobilise external support through accessing the various COVID-19 facilities and pledges by the international community.

Also attached is:
(i) Tuvalu worse case scenario plan (“Talaaliki Plan”) and also the
(ii) Preparedness and Response Plan – to ensure Tuvalu remains COVID-19 free.

The Government of Tuvalu is willing to discuss with our development partners to match our COVID-19 measures with their requirements and priorities.
Cover Letter Covid-19 Relief-Package
Tuvalu National Covid-19 Economic Financial Measures
Talaaliki Plan
2021 TDF Budget Document
Funafuti Covid Relief Package Second Payout Lise
Funafuti NBT Payout
Funafuti Cash Payout
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